Top Model Competition

Debbie Jasper

Debbie Jasper for Miss Colour of Couture Competition 2012


  • Why have you entered Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition?
  • First, it is a competition that is close to my heart. Asian faces in high fashion in RL and SL are few and far between and being a Chinese with Indonesian mixed heritage in RL and SL, I will be glad to be able to bring mainstream awareness to Woman of Colour in SL Fashion.

    Secondly, it is an opportunity to take me out of my comfort zone as I stretch my creativity in bringing the RL fashion that is shaped by our rich cultures and heritage into SL through the many challenges in this competition.


  • What particular qualities, personality & style should Miss Colour of Couture posess?
  • Apart from being professional and a woman of poise and mannerism and having qualities such as having high self-esteem, trustworthy, perseverance, and a respect for others, I think she should also possess qualities that set her apart from the majority.

    Always bringing a classic, yet creative talent to the scene. She implements the most sought after work ethics and is guaranteed to be the person that you want to use over and over again.

    Last but not least, an excellent role model whom others look up to and admire. She provides inspiration and motivation to seek out accomplishments and sends messages about their beliefs by what they do and say.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about fashion in Second Life?

    What is your role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion?

  • I have seen how models brought the creativity of RL fashion into SL fashion world but to a much greater height. SL allows every possibility for us to live our dreams and passion that we have and perhaps not able to fulfil in RL. It is amazing how with a little time and effort, we are able to showcase our fantasy through fashion that tells a story.

    As a Woman of Colour in SL fashion, I would want to display a strong sense of confidence in order to pull any ensemble off. Although the old saying goes that the clothes make the man, in this case it is the wearer that makes the clothes. Looking into adding style and personality that is greatly influenced by the rich cultures of southeast asia in very creations of all designers and to create a deeper awareness of the fashion industry of Asia than ever before.


  • How will you promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition as a finalist?

    How will you promote the title of Miss CoC should you win?

  • As of now, I have added the title of a finalist of Miss Colour of Couture in my profile. And definitely I will blog all my styling, thoughts, learning and experiences in this wonderful journey that I will be discovering. By word of mouth among my friends.

    If I win the title of Miss CoC, definitely, I will be wearing my tag proudly and add the picks in my profile. I would like to be involved in many charities and shows that help promote SL fashion through the eye of a Woman of Colour. I will hold dearly the values of my heritage and manifest the best in my SL work and relationship with everyone.


  • What sort of impression would you like people to have of you if win the title?

    What impression would you like to leave with them if you do not win?

  • If I win, I would like to be a role model who inspire and encourage excellence in achieving our goals. However, the learning journey is never ending and to excel as a top model, I have to continue to learn from others who have already achieved the title of a top supermodel in SL. I would like to be even better each day and to keep abreast of the fast changing of the fashion industry.

    If I do not win, I will not be discouraged as I believe I would have already learn much along the way being one of the finalists in the Miss CoC contest. I will show to the world that with perseverance, hard work, continuous learning and being humble, we will definitively achieve our dreams someday.


  • What do you envision your activity in SL to be a year from now?

    What goals and ambitions do you have?

  • I hope I will be given more opportunity to work beyond being a model on the runway. I am now working on my photography and blogging skills and I will definitely want to be able to showcase and create more awareness of SL fashion through great pictures and blogging.

    I will want to share my knowledge as a model in SL as a trainer in established model academies. To work more closely with fashion designers and become the face of a well-known brand.


  • Briefly summarize your professional career as a model in SL?
  • I started my first modelling training with Classic with Style in June last year. After which it is a never turning back road for me. The journey is not easy but it is very exciting. I have since then graduated from Lush Model Academy and Costa Rico Sands Modelling Academy and am now currently enrolled in Miss Virtual World Academy.

    Apart from some of the fashion shows that I have attended, I was also involved in the Model Workshop Spring Break Spring Forward Show as the Runway Director Assistant and in their Manhattan Show as the Hostess.

    I was the winner for the Model Workshop March Style Challenge and 2nd in their February Challenge. I was the model of the year 2012 in the Dallas Modelling Corporation Model of the year Contest. I too have achieved 4th runner up and Ms Sexy Talent and Creative in CWS’s SL Too Sexy Model Pageant last year.

    Currently, I am working as a store model in EVOLVE and I am enjoying every day of it to be one of the first to style and blog Reign’s new creation.


  • Do you have any additional comments you would wish to share?
  • “I get inspired by pushing boundaries and this is one of those opportunities to experiment and learn.” – Giorgio Armani on Second Life

    I would like to thank the committee and organisers and judges who have faith in me and have given me this opportunity to experiment and learn and to prove to myself and everyone that with determination and passion anything is possible in Second Life.

    I too would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have one way or another guided and walked with me in this challenging but rewarding journey since day 1. No words could express my gratitude and how much all your comments and help have meant to me. A BIG THANK YOU. (^_^)


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