Top Model Competition

Dixiesweet28 Twine

Coc close up- pajama party


  • Why have you entered Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition?
  • I enter Miss Colour of Couture pageant because of what it represent and my love for fashion , its also a platform to showcase my unique sence of style, my passion and commiment.


  • What particular qualities, personality & style should Miss Colour of Couture posess?
  • Miss Colour of Couture should posess the strength of woman. Confidence is key to showing both her inner beauty as well as her personal style. She should be a leader that is not afraid to break out and create her own pathway. Showing by example with soulful spirt and unique grace that each of us can be a role model.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about fashion in Second Life?

    What is your role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion?

  • Fashion in sl is the greatest. It can be simple and elegant or wild and crazy. There are so many talented designers here and I can sample as many as my heart desires. I can create a new vision daily just based on how I feel. My role as a woman of color in sl is the same as it is in my real life. I dress my avitar in things that I truly love in styles that compliment my shape and my skin. I am bold and unique. My role is to be me


  • How will you promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition as a finalist?

    How will you promote the title of Miss CoC should you win?

  • As a finalist of Colour of Couture I will promote Colour of Couture by wearing my tag daily. Showing support at events, representing my position as a host ,net working as well as informing my to friends, family and others through out our sl communities. If I have the honor of winnig Miss Colour of Couture I will promote my title by do all that is ask of me and to shed a positive light on my title.


  • What sort of impression would you like people to have of you if win the title?

    What impression would you like to leave with them if you do not win?

  • The impression i would like people to have is the same either way. It should reflect my prositive attitude and my love of fashion. As well as my hard work and dedication. I feel that I am a winner just for having the opportunity to be a contestant in such a wonderful pagent as Miss Colour of Couture.


  • What do you envision your activity in SL to be a year from now?

    What goals and ambitions do you have?

  • I evision myself a year from now at another level of modeling… my goal is to be represented by one of the the top modeling angencies like the avenue. I intend to be a super model. Which is an even more rare occurance in sl to see a woman of color as a highly sought after face in fashion as it is in rl. I want to coutinu to be a role model for others in the modeling industry and out. I also look forward to having a family and building my interior design and event planning business.


  • Briefly summarize your professional career as a model in SL?
  • I think being a professional model in sl is great . I get to meet alot of great peopl, and wear beautiful fashion. I am also learning never to give up. There will be alot of ups and down but I learn from all my down and really strive to be better.


  • Do you have any additional comments you would wish to share?
  • I like to wish everyone good luck.
    And it will be an honor getting to know all the beautiful ladies. And always remember never give up.


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