Top Model Competition

2012 Miss Colour of Couture Finalists


Fashions from PRISM by Journey ++ Photography by Valeria Endrizzi

Click on any of the finalist’s pictures to read more about them

Starline Igeria ♛ 2012 Miss Colour of Couture

CoC Finalist - Anigma Eulenberg [face]Anigma Eulenberg ♛ 1st Runner-up CoC Entry - Ruby OkellyRuby Okelly ♛ 2nd Runner-up
Betty Draesia ♛ 3rd Runner-up CoC Entry - Ai HienrichsAi Hienrichs ♛ 4th Runner-up
CoC Finalist - Melinda Bayn [face]Melinda Bayn CoC Entry - Slowly BurySlowly Bury
CoC Finalist - LeezahKaddour Resident [face]LeezahKaddour Resident CoC Finalist - Dixiesweet28 Twine [face]Dixiesweet28 Twine
CoC Finalist - Puhi Rotaru [face]Puhi Rotaru CoC Entry - Debbie JasperDebbie Jasper
CoC Finalist - Genevieve Kamala [face]Genevieve Kamala CoC Entry - Nickle SparrowtreeNickle Sparrowtree
CoC Finalist - Maile MichinagaMaile Michinaga COC Challenge - "Dream" Lady StromfieldLady Stromfield

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