Top Model Competition

2013 Finalists

2013 Colour of Couture – Adriel HuntressAdriel Huntress Colour of Couture – Ivyana SzondiIvyana Szondi
EHPP_Jada Warbunsee FINALJada Warbunsee COC Headshot - Jamee SandalwoodJamee Sandalwood
2013 Colour of Couture -  laiti residentLaiti Colour of Couture – LeezahKaddour.ResidentLeezahKaddour
Liberty LighthouseLiberty Lighthouse Colour of Couture Candidate - Maile MichinagaMaile Michinaga
CoC 2013 ~ Puhi RotaruPuhi Rotaru CoC Entry - Selina GraycloudSelina Graycloud
兔 Sera (Gig1) 2013 Colour of Couture – Sidney AbbotSidney Abbot
Spirit Llewellyn 2013 Color of Couture - Zivaah (2)Zivaah

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