Top Model Competition

#5 Cinematic Dress Up Fantasy

Contestants were asked to create a look to the theme “Star in Your Own Cinematic Dress Up Fantasy”.



Adriel Huntress

“Phineus shall be punished forever, with blindness and hunger for a feast that he shall never partake! I command thee Harpy’s to plunder his meal each day, and spoil what is left. He shall suffer always, for seeing all and revealing too much. Now go!”, Zeus commanded.

Day after day the beautiful winged Harpry’s would show up at Phineus’ home, to snatch and steal all they could of the banquet, destroying and ruining anything left behind. Their only goal to follow Zeus commands to torment Phineus for a lifetime. They followed through with diligence, ensuring each day that he was left with nothing but longing for the meal set before him.

I chose A Harpy to represent my cinematic fantasy dress up because it represents the dark side of a beautiful woman. Women are strong, dedicated and loyal creatures, capable of overcoming anything. The Harpy is no different. She shows her beautiful outward self while being free to express the inner cravings of her dark half.

What I am wearing:
E-Clipse Celeno
Erotica Gloves
Bloodlines – The Thirst – Fangs


Ivyana Szondi

“And there stood a most peculiar tree in the abandoned house. Legend has it that if someone looked at the tree from a certain angle, her eyes and branches moved. Noone living knows how this tree came to be or why it has grown in this spot. Some speculate this was a punishment cast down from powerful magi. It is both haunting and beautiful; contorted by elements of nature.”

I choose the tree because it shows a duality, beauty and horror. Sometimes it’s hard to look at the history of how nationalities came to be. We are all one race of creatures. The same thing that tears us apart is what keeps us together, roots.

The Addict:
=DeLa*= “Julia II”
Ricielli Mesh – Loose tank //classicdraw
:::insanya::: Mesh Mini-Skirt
[ S H O C K ] Glitters Storm Nails
[mock] Bella Vetro Gloss [Toast]
[sYs] Last Order – Fishnet Leggins (dark.)
Tabou Tattoo:: Droged
WRONG – Beaded Cross Necklace
Mad’ – My Hero
{alterego} ooo gaga platform
Pose: Slouch


Jada Warbunsee

As a child, I always dreamed of being a super heroine of modern times. The main actor of one of those movies where women embody outstanding women, smart, stylish and who have a very pronounced taste for justice and good! for this challenge I decided to be a Bond girl, but this time, unlike the famous Grace Jones, i am ally to the British spy!
Actually, the “Bond Girl” is a female character who maintains a relationship with the seduction. Sometimes allied to the heroe of British spy, she can also be in the opposite camp. Necessarily beautiful, with a body model and a delicate face, and as important as gadgets and beautiful hero car. Without her, James Bond is not quite complete.


Jamee Sandalwood

I still fondly remember my mom calling me out of the pool over and over again, day after day growing up. “Awe Mom, just five more minutes…..I haven’t found the treasure yet!” So being a Mer has always been in my blood, or as mom said I swam like a fish. I guess that is why I always identified with undersea movies whether it was animated or not. It’s probably why I find myself out in the bay as often as I can, exploring with my students on a regular basis.

So for my cinematic fantasy I give honor to Ariel from the Little Mermaid because she was the first Disney female character to make her own decisions and take charge of her destiny unlike any other female Disney Character before her. She was a determined woman and I am as well! She also is inquisitive and explores as do I. So it was a perfect fit for me to give honor to this fantastic character.

Jamee the mermaid queen of the mer fold of Keisopia explores ancient shipwrecks to find out their hidden stories through the treasures and unknown dangers they have inside……..

Style Card:

Mermaid Outfit: Boudoir – Water Nymph Costume
Skin: Glam Affair – Jadis Snow Queen V2
Hair: Emotions – Sunburst in dark brown
Jewelry: Alienbear – Gold Mimi in White : necklace, earrings, bracelets, armbands, belly ring
Nails: Izzy’s – Long Metallic Nails in Purple
Eyeshadow: The Makeup Artist – overseas eyes only
Lipstick: TZAL – Dee Lips 7 light
Hand fan: Finesmith – Hermosa Espina hand fan in red

Photo by: Jamee Sandalwood
Pose by: Kami-Hitoe Mermaid Pose 11



I am inspired by the film and the story well-known “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton. A magical story that we all know from our childhood.
You remember the Queen of Hearts? I love them I particularly remember his style, make up absolutely decadant!
I revisited this character to make it more elegant and sophisticated as a representation, a ceremony …


top black : jackie black/ Lilou’s design
Corset red : Corser under/Backburns
Shirt 1 : Alice/ fellini Couture
Shirt 2 : june/Gizza
Glown : Primadona/ Lilou’s design

Hair : Sweet Iris /Boudoir
Jewels ( tiar & earrings) :Enchanted Red/ Lazuri
Jewel necklace : Narcissus/
Make up : Stand4love/ Lovely mi

Photographe : Nathalia Topaz



Photographer: Cardozo Paolino

Star in your own cinematic dress up fantasy

This challenge was a fun one to do, and my inspiration came from a South African myth: The Legend of the Karoo Mermaid aka Kaiman, it goes as follows:

” 250 million years ago the stark, beautiful landscape of the Klein Karoo was completely underwater! When the oceans receded, they left behind a fertile valley that’s nestled between the Swartberg, Langeberg and Outeniqua mountains – where mountain springs trickle into the rock pools, and carve out the underground caverns that are said to provide sanctuary for this mythical creature.
She is described as a mysterious woman with blue eyes, pink cheeks and a fish-tail, lounging beside deep mountain pools. She simply sits and combs her long, death black hair before disappearing and leaving you to question your sanity.
The Klein Karoo was the home of the Khoi-san people, and rock paintings have been discovered that depict fish-tailed humans – suggesting that the legend of the Karoo mermaid has been around for centuries. It makes sense that a tribal people, living in one of the driest parts of South Africa, would have a sea creature as part of their mythology – a reminder, perhaps, of the importance of water as a resource that has always been precious.
It has been argued that the ‘fish people’ in the San rock painting rather depict swallows, which are also associated with rain. Shamans of the San tribes, who were a spiritual people, would have often conducted ceremonies to call down rain from the heavens, to parch the dry earth of their homelands. African mythology sparkles with tales of water spirits!”

Based on this legend from my country, here’s my own recreation of this mythical creature 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Style Card:

Hair: Boudoir – Sweet Iris Hair
Jewelry: ~Soedara~ Gadis Jewels Gold
~Soedara~ Gold Intricate Circlet Light of Galadriel
Leggings, Tail and Chest adornment: Boudoir – Coral reef Mermaid
Top:*VoguE* Merlin Bikini Top
Makeup: [mock] – Mile HighNude (lip 2) [eye/liner/lip]
.:Glamorize:. Jaded Black – Royal Blue
~Soedara~ Light of Galadriel Gold Flakes
Nails: Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Blue 05
Lashes: je::suis – Apparence::Lashes:: No.001
Pose: Morgane’s – finesmith pose 5 v2


Liberty Lighthouse

Liberty steps into her Fantasy, making her way into the huatulco jungle.( Liberty interpretation of the jungle book, I have always loved the movie and book)
As she beings her journey , she hears a light hissing sound she turns her head and notices a black mambo python, slithering up her left arm she beings to feel hypnotized by the sinuous touch of his smooth scales against her soft skin and embraces the serpentine as he wraps himself around her shoulders.As Liberty makes her way through the brush, She hears a grunt, and suddenly turns around and notices she is being approached by a mysterious black panther. She being to panic as he gazes into her deep brown eyes. Liberty suddenly becomes intrigued by his black velvet mane and his impervious demeanor. Liberty slowly steps closer to the feline,but suddenly becomes distracted by a thunderous sound in the distance.

Liberty becomes curious about the rhythm of the beet, she then motions the panther to follow her. As the sun being to set she stumbles upon a waterfall only to discover enchanted oasis.Instantly a climactic feeling rushes through her veins, she then becomes possessed, the serpentine hisses and the panther lets out a loud roar and Liberty becomes united with the creatures of the huatulco jungle and miraculous converts into a Goddess resembling a peacock.
Ash’s Trash / Epic silk Top with silk bottom, silk skirt and stones
[MC] Pin Up Make Up Tattoo Layer-Pacific
>TRUTH< hair Kathy Streaked – crow
::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection
26A – Makeup Design – Mask blue
Flapping peacock feathers wings teal, From Be Enchanted
Persefona Peacock – Green Earrings, From PERSEFONA
Tukinowaguma Suvi Feather head dress
{TT}~~Beautiful Eyelashes~~PEACOCK
Peacock ring, necklace and belly-ring set, from SHINE CREATIONS
Shelly Laufer Peacock [Gold] heels


Maile Michinaga

Photographer: Moira Blackheart
Location: The Phantasmagoria Main Theater

i chose the black swan as a reminder to myself that person can be strong and at the same time fragile at all aspects of their being. We constantly battle with ourselves to be the best and outcome depends on who persevere at the end.
I can relate to the character’s battle of portraying dual role good and evil, Unfortunately, in the end she loses the battle losing touch of her reality.

Style Card:
Vita’s Boudior – Black Swan Ballerina dress
Goth1 Extreme Corset w/piercing, black
Miamai – _Isis Nails
Shoes: Jolie Extreme Pointe SLink Ashia Onyx
Makeup- [Lazybum] Black Swan/ White Swan Makeup,
Accessories: “Pandora” Tiara by “TEMPESTUOUS”, jCNY- Haute Monde”Privata Pearl Stud Earrings,


Puhi Rotaru

Growing up, I was always fascinated with Greek Mythology. One of my favorites was “Medusa” (Medousa) and her lair. Medusa was not always a hideous creature. She was at one time a very beautiful Goddess who roamed the earth freely until her heart turned her to a different direction which cost her a tormented eternity till death.
In this photo, I tried to capture her in HER BEAUTY as she lures unsuspecting suitors into her lair, where they turn to stone by her curse, never to be touched again.

For me this shows the very deep strength of a woman. How her life can change and how destructive she can become if she doesn’t correct the situation. Forever tormented by the error of her heart and ways.

Link below for your enjoyment and a little information on her becoming.

Style Card :

Naga Upper body, Right and Left Foots Tail and Fading scales top and back in green python snake by Kailrim Garrigus of @FP
Reptillian eyes ,face horns and fangs by: Eternal Darkness Natla Xanno
Hair Gorgon Black Medusa by Tekelili Tantalus and AVZ Dark Garden Hair by : CyberPunk
Shoulder bow and arrows by : VF Weapons 47
Adrieyanne Horns by :Sinful Creations
AllJewlery by Gems and Kisses and Soedara
Makeup by: A.E.Meth and Snake lips by MAD


Selina Graycloud

For our fifth challenge of Colour of Couture we were tasked to “Star in our own cinematic dress up fantasy”.

Story – On the shores of Kiribati, lives a woman made of junk…

I decided to dress up as the Junk Lady from the movie “Labyrinth”. The reason: Presently the shores of Kiribati are bathed in piles of junk and decaying trees. As the land slowly sinks more and more junk accumulates making the surrounding waters toxic (drinking water as well). In my research, I happened upon a link which explains this in great detail:
As I studied the pictures and the message sunk in, I tried to think about what would best bring this message across in the fifth challenge and this was the end result.

Photographer: Angeli Optera

Style Card:
Skin – EM Ethel Elder skin for women
Hair – Boudoir’s Fairy Hair Powder
Upper Part of Dress – Grim Bros. la belle poubelle
lower Part of Dress Part 1 – M’ n B Trash Pile
lower Part of Dress Part 2 – Urban Spirit COOKE Full Dumpster
lower Part of Dress Part 3 – Urban Spirit Arm Chair
lower Part of Dress Part 4 – Urban Spirit Dumped Trash Bags

*Please note: Yes, this is all attached together…I could not stop laughing walking around my home in this dress and the animated flies buzzing about*


Sera (Gig1)


I chose the character The Bride/Black Mamba (played by Uma Thurman) in the classic action/thriller film, “Kill Bill”, by Quentin Tarantino. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and one I can watch a million times. Uma Thurman’s character arises from a four year coma to get revenge on her former assassins who had killed her at her wedding. She is tough as nails, fierce, beautiful, and intelligent. It is the epitome of a heroine in my book. She’s a remarkably independent woman, who has strength to keep going on, no matter what life throws at her, and knows how to get the job done.


Kill Bill Jumpsuit and Katana by Whis Designs
Gloria wedge shoes by Nardcotix
Salome hair in glucose by Lelutka
Mesh hands by SLINK
Smudged vixen gloss by blackLiquid
Entangled jewelry by CAE
Natural eyelashes and couture eyeliner by Glam Affair
Pose by Del May

Photo by Ancutza Voom


Sidney Abbot


This outfit is something that I had in my inventory and thought to myself one day I will wear this. This is the day. As I put on each piece a story started to develop in my mind.

It is the year 2103. Life as we know it no longer exists. The human population is becoming distinct. I am a healer, a guardian of life. I am here for one reason. To ensure that the human race populates once again. I oversee each woman who is bearing a child. I watch over her very carefully. My transparent skirt reflects the reproductive system of the female, her mind and soul. It is my shield.

On the outside I do not appear to be human but from another alien species but the one thing that I do have is a human heart. My destiny was determined by this heart.

The following Designers contributed to my styling.

Outfit- Anatomia by Alpha Tribe
Pants and Top- Gven by Revenge
Headpiece- Ancient Crown by Vita’s Boudoir
Hair- Fantasia by MADesigns
Boots- Foxy Boots by BAX
Makeup- Dark Obsession by Madrid Solo


Spirit Llewellyn

When I was a child and still believed in faeries that lived in a magical woods. I wished that I could go there. To a place bursting with color, where the faeries danced and sang with no concept of time.

I would sit for hours lost in my head and I always felt that if you belived in something hard enough, well then it had to be true…right!

Well I grew up and learned all about harsh reality and the concept of time, But to this day I still believe we all possess a little magic. It may be buried very deep inside, but if you believe hard enough I think you can still find it. So a cinamatic fantasy that begins in the imagination of a child and remains in the heart of a Woman.

Clothes~ Skirt~ Caverna Obscura Wisteria

Top~ Evie’s Closet~ Ariel Silk

Wings and Headpart~B@re Rose~Blue Jungle

Shoes~SD~Deep Blue Rose

Hair~Tut’s~ Mrs Vogue Afro Vaporous in Mahogany

Jewelry~Dragonlady Boa~ Splendor Necklace and Earrings (marketplace)

ArisAris~ Bracelets AG92

Makeup~Lelutka 2011 Lashes Long

Baiastice~Beauty Marks

[MOCK] Taste the Skittles Rainbow Makeover

Leverocci~Mesh Nails Firework Glitter



“O happy dagger!
This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.”

I chose Romeo and Juliet because I love romantic stories and especially those that have a twist in it that is not like a novel always with a happy ending, same like real you cannot play a game of cards at destiny and fate. Romeo and Juliet destiny was decided by the hatred and prejudice their family had for each other and as in most cases the innocent children pay for their sins. And due to their Immaturity and inexperience behavior,their beautiful and ennobling love came to a tragic end. How was it possible for Romeo and Juliet to love and live happily in so poisonous atmosphere? In the end, their overpowering feelings cause them to take their own lives, left alone and betrayed by the people they trusted the most, their family. Nothing in the world meant more than the person they loved and once that person was not there. Life was not important anymore.
Human beings have free will; they have the power to create their futures. Unfortunately, too often they lack the wisdom or moral strength to make the right decisions and, instead, pursue a course of action which seems “fated” for disaster. If we as person were able to care more for the other, more than our own pride then all the real Romeo and Juliet would had a chance to another ending. Hatred only destroys but love can over win it.

Style me:

{AS} Chantelle Chemise Nightgown ~ White Night

Bloody Hands (gloves) xstreet

Izzie’s – Tears Tattoo/
Izzie’s – Tears + Redness Tattoo more intense
R.icielli – Gloss

[LeLutka]-VENT hair – Bournville

Pardoes Silky II wings
Pixel Bits Blood Splatter (2 sides) [prim attached]


*FN* Bloody Juliet Pose + Dagger


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