Top Model Competition

Show Us Your True Colour

2013 Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition

This is no ordinary competition, Colour of Couture is a Top Model Competition created to bring mainstream awareness to Women of Color in Second Life Fashion — including but not limited to: Aboriginal, African/African Diaspora, Alaska Native, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Maori, Native American Indian, South Sea and Pacific Island, and Indigenous heritages throughout the world.

  • Prizes and cash valued at over $200,000 Lindens
  • Miss Colour of Couture 2012, Starline Igeria became Miss Virtual World 2013 after securing her entry into Miss Virtual World contest. The winner of Miss Colour of Couture is granted an automatic bid as finalist in the Miss Virtual World competition and Colour of Couture is a good place to prepare yourself for such important competitions.

Cast of the promotional video:

  • Diana Balhaus – Cuba
  • Ivyana Szondi – Barbados
  • Jada Warbunsee – French Guiana
  • Jyny Lexenstar – Ghana
  • Maile Michinaga – Thailand
  • Nickle Sparrowtree – Mali
  • Selina Greycloud – Brazil
  • Sera (Gig1) – Phillipines
  • Sequoia Nightfire – India
  • Slowly Bury – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tiviyah Resident – Zimbabwe
  • Xenobia Foxclaw – USA-Cherokee Nation

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