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COC 2014 1st Runway Challenge

COC 1st Runway Challenge 2014

Finalists were asked to Mix and Match and create a unique COSMO COUTURE inspired outfit. Cosmo Couture fosters a direct collaboration between Architecture,Interior and Fashion Design to create garments reflecting a given theme and today our candidates have been asked to incorporate the elements of EARTH HOUR


Hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world unite each year to support the largest environmental event in history – Earth Hour.

More than 7,000 cities and towns in 152 countries and territories switched off their lights for Earth Hour 2012, sending a powerful message for action to save the planet. This year, more than 200,000 individuals accepting I Will If You Will challenges on YouTube to turn their symbolic action for the planet into an ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.

Earth Hour is organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). With almost 5 million supporters and a global network in over 100 countries/territories, it’s one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

The models were given this link to offer insight into the COSMO COUTURE styling


Cymande Haalan “Cymande”


The challenge for the Earth Hour/Cosmos Couture was enlightening, interesting and fun, and for this challenge, I used nature and textures. My inspiration for this challenge consisted of the rare if hardly seen blue leaves of the hosta plant, the blue gum trees, blue ash and Colorado blue spruce trees. In western N. Carolina, there are blue ghost fireflies to add to the mix, not to mention the iridescent blue ground beetle for the added flair on the peplum. The skirt is a beautiful rain forest waterfall texture borrowed from wallpaper, the blue & green colors represent the earth and my inspiration was the rain forest, which represents the lungs of the earth-one of mother natures greatest gifts to mankind. The earrings represent the coral of the sea, which provide home for 25% of all marine species.
These rare things represent the damage that we have done to our planet, because in the rain forest and other beautiful parts of the world, there is a devastating impact of climate change, and other environments worldwide that only we can fix if we all want to take the time to do so, which part of this is what the Earth Hour means.
The Cosmos Couture challenge consists of design elements such as forms, color, textures, scales that come into play when one designs a wearable item. Its a great opportunity to explore these new resources and materials used in the natural environment and to find ways to apply them to Haute Couture fashion and creating a bridge between fashion, nature and architectureβ€Ž.
Earth Hour is an annual event meant to raise awareness about climate change and the environment. This encourages individuals and organizations around the world to turn off all of their non essential lights for one hour.
It was my personal pleasure to add all these elements together in order to create this outfit, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Thank you!
Cymande Haalan

Hair: Vanity-Cantaloupe
Dress: Top Syss Ypomee
Skirt: Sonia’s Secret Rainforest gown
Earrings: Lazuri Saffi
Shoes: Baby Monkey Ultimate Vegas Blue


ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat “ElaraGloriana”

Colour of Couture - Earth Hour / Cosmo Couture Runway Challenge

INSPIRATION: ElaraGloriana’s Fusion of Earth Hour and Cosmo Couture gives a nod to indigenous people and their natural building materials. The Cosmo Couture look here is achieved with a variety of textures and bold use of unconventional design elements. In blues and greens this look salutes Earth Hour, blending sharp cut manufactured lines of modern fabricated natural goods with the frenetic asymmetry of plant life found in nature

Original Shape by ElaraGloriana

Skin by .::WoW Skins::.

Hair “Stella” by Wasabi Pills

Eyes by Insufferable Dastard

Eyelashes by MIAMAI

Fingernails by Finesmith

Origami Dress by Vita’s Boudoir

Fern Skirt from “Tree Guardian” by Etoile

Shoulder Accents, Skirt & Train from “Pine Dress” by Vita’s Boudoir.

Shoes “NUIT Green” by N-Core

Inspiration: Our Inspiration for this Runway Challenge was twofold. We were to use Cosmo Couture as our inspiration. If you are unfamiliar with Cosmo Couture you can see our inspiration link here: . This wild and fun style was to be incorporated into our events Earth Hour theme, so we were instructed to style using primarily blues and greens as the dominant colors in our palette. You can find out more about the incredible Earth Hour event here: Find out how YOU can make a difference! πŸ˜€ Find out more about the Colour of Couture Top Model Competition on the official Blog:


Eleseren Brianna “Eles”

Colour of Couture Cosmo Couture Challenge - Eleseren Brianna

If we each make small changes we give a chance for Nature to breathe and begin to recover. I wanted to show Nature and the Earth symbolised in the butterflies, flying free and multiplying, beginning to cover the black ironwork. For me they are a symbol of delicate hope, fighting back against the impact of man’s industy, given the chance because of all our efforts to make changes in our impact on our Planet.

Gynoid Catsuit – Latex Black – Neurolab

Silver Caged Skirt and Neckpiece (edited) – Tea Lane

Maelle Attire (shoulder and chest piece) – Diram

Couture Corset – Black (lower piece) – Chrysalis

Kazakh Boots – Plastic Black – [sYs]

Scaffolding Sculpted Full perm (used to make headpiece, bracelets, ear pieces and half collar) – FD Bajery

Full perm Butterflies (3 kinds) – FLOOD

Crystal Brows – Onyx – LaGyo

Butterfly rings, Blue/Green / Blue – *ICED*

Makeup – Madrid Solo, +Nuuna+, League


Flidais Etchegaray “Fly”

CoC Cosmo Couture Challenge (Full)

With this styling I tried to blend organic elements of the Earth with both cosmic and spiritual elements. I wanted my outfit to reflect the fantastic mysteries of the Universe and where we Earthlings fit into the grand scheme of things. I styled myself as a mystical goddess, balancing the Earth effortlessly on my crown as I dance through the galaxy. We see this dance of the Goddess in all things, cycles, and seasons, and the more in tune we are to these cosmic patterns, the better off our planet and all of its inhabitants will be.

Dress by Eshi Otawara “Deadly Kitten” in Blue
Jewelery Set by Yula Finesmith “Walk Like an Egyptian”
Face Jewelery by Eshi Otawara “Shakti Face Jewelery”
Hair by Discord Designs “Bobbi” in Intense Unnaturals (Marine)
Earth Globe by Dexx Magic
Shoes by Azoury “Chromatics Ballet Heels Shoe” in Dark Forest
Skin by Deesses Skins “Amanda” in Cappucino
Lipstick by MUA “Bicolor” Gift in Silver/ Blue
Blush by Dead Apples “Contour Blush” in Peach Dark
Eyes by IKON “Eternal Eyes” in Mahogany


floraniana “Flora Raven”

Flora Raven- CoC 1st Runway Challenge-Cosmo Couture

My inspiration for this outfit different patterns and shapes.Using some basic high tech lights and glow i was able to create this outfit.Kept it subtle elegant but also cyber and cosmo style.As it is Earth Day so the color green and blue is all over my outfit.

Top Blouse -Who’s that chick Green
Top Bra- Sequin Lingerie
Corset- Castiel Lilith
Skirt-Pure Poison Beatrice- Blue
Pants-Alyce Zia Pants
Shoes-Redgrave Cathy
Hair-O-Zone-Cybergoth hair
Earths in my hair-Mesh Mafia
Makeup- Eyes- TECHNOTIS Cyber ,Lips-BF Heavy Metal Lipstick
Earrings-[CMnT] B5
Choker-{EDGE Technologies} Metal Collar
Slink Left hand-Bracelets- Body Cult Cube
Slink Right Hand- Inverted Moon Cyber Warmers


Frayar “Bell”



Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Frayar Resident and I hail from the good ole USA. The land where diversity thrives in it’s different people, music and styles.

My Earth Hour Style was inspired by the ethereal look of the earth from the stars. My gown represents the various shades of blues, whites and browns carved through the earth bringing with it life. The green leafs are the green you see and represents the trees. My hair is the yellow of the sun, the warming balanced needed to sustain all life. It hangs between the moon and the stars as shown with my earrings.
I believe the most important part of the earth’s care is us, with the intelligence to understand it’s flow and the ability to harness it naturally for all life. I hope you enjoyed my styling, but hope most of all you love this earth to life.

My Style Card:

My gown is ChicZafari’s Allen Gown Couture in Blue
The swinging leaves, designer Soraya Vaher
Hair and base: Electra- Disco Yellow from KMADD Hair
Glitter on my chest and arms- designer Marisa Yip

Earring: Moon and stars: designer Blush Bravin
brown leaves bracelets , designer Designer Enchanted

BSD Design Studio
BlackLiquid sun matte 1
Highlife eyeliner yellow
Nails: Sexy Mamas Brown for the soil designer Tigerlily hy


Kestrel Sorrowsong “Kes”


The challenge is to represent the relationship between the built environment and the Earth through second life fashion. To do so I have chosen to represent Kestrel as Yemaja, the Yoruba spirit guardian of the oceans and protector of the Earth’s children. Kestrel, wearing Finesmith’s Diali dress in Circulate, is draped in the colors if the earth and sea. She wears Finesmith’s Dola tiara in silver and blue gemstone the colors of Yemaja. These colors are also seen in her makeup: Madrid Solo’s Melancholy lipstick and eye shadow.
I chose Finesmith’s Shape of My Heart wings for this styling to represent modern steel structures, technological masterpieces of the built environment. Some might consider the Earth and the built environment to be antithetical, but in my styling, Yemaja is not burdened by the weight of the steel. They wings lift her and give her strength from the good technology has to offer to heal the Earth and make it a better place for all.

Style Notes:
Lelutka – Athena Hair – Almost Goth
FInesmith – Dola Tiara – Silver
Madrid Solo – Mix & Match – Melancholy Lip – Silver
Madrid Solo – Mix & Match – Melancholy Eye Shadow – Aura
Finesmith – Diali Dress – Circulate
Finesmith – Shape of My Heart Wings
Izzie’s – Metallic Nails
MG – Bangles – Damasc – Combo 3
Glam Affair – Vanity Feet – Ballerina – Fabric Black


sarahelisebeth Brenham “Sarah”

Picture for the EARTH HOUR challenge for COLOUR OF COUTURE (03_

So many people abuse Earth. Wanting a way to inspire individuals to preserve our planet, Sarah decided that the best way to do this was to go back to a basic rule that is used when trying to change peoples mindsets: Become a role model. When Sarah is passionate about something, she comes up with the idea that can’t be ignored. So for this endeavor, she choose to make a outfit that looks like a budding flower. But the best part of this outfit, is this it’s made with recyclable fabric and bamboo for the 3d flowers on it. Of course her makeup and accessories are all eco friendly.

Dress with hair decoration: PurpleMoon Creations: Edelweiss in green

Skin: LAQ: Elena in Nougat

Hair: Amacci: Melody in dark brown

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Lipstick: Madrid Solo: Soft Kisses 7

Eyeshadow:*Shack*: Eye Shadow in oranges

Jewelry: RH Engel: Jade-Pearl Necklace Set Gold

Nails: Pixel Mode: *[PM] Sculpted Nail V2 – Platinum Edition V2 : Gloss


Shinobu Istmal “Shinobu”

Colour of Couture - Earth Hour / Cosmo Couture Runway Challenge

I thought the symbol of the earth where we live is “water”.
So I tried to express water that circulates the earth.
No creature with life can survive without water.
A drop of water that falls from the petal of an orchid flower gathers to form a small stream,
and it will eventually merge with a bigger stream and will then vaporize only to return to another petal.
I appreciate that we are given lives in this cycle of water, irrespective of whether we are organic or inorganic.

outfit—–[sYs] / NOVA – bustier (Orion black)
.S h i : / Paper Neckpiece (mod)
.Shi : Fingerless Glove
Miamai / BL_Serenata
Miamai_/ Vali Pants
HysUriza / Gem_Pearl(mod)
Shoes—-Yasum / Geisha Geta Punk


Silly Avro “Prisilla”

Colour of Couture ~ 1st Runway Challenge ~ Prisilla S. Avro

Colour of Couture ~ 1st Runway Challenge ~ Prisilla S. Avro

My styling was inspired by the industrial/interior design component that is the hallmark of cosmo couture. I employed the Earth Hour colors of green and blue as often as possible, but I included some other colors as well to serve as representations of the variety of colors present in our world. My accent pieces are bits of a crashed satellite, which I found fitting in that satellites orbit Earth to monitor it and study it in a variety of ways.

hair > .ploom. Lislie (small) – Candy
make up > {MUA} – MakeUp Set – Oceane – Full Set
make up > +Nuuna+ Meta Green 90% (F)
necklace > (Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Night
armlets > *On A Lark* Helena Bangle
bracelets > erratic / triangle stacked bangles
catsuit > Chrysalis – Catsuit Mesh
accent pieces > satellite crash by Grim Bros
fishnet > erratic / fishnet thin – full / lime 1
boots > Claw Boots Leather Couturier Docks Exclusive by Wicca Merlin


Tiviyah “Tivi”

CoC Earth Hour Challenge - Tiviyah Resident

When Tivi thinks about the Earth, she tries to think positive. There are so many negative things on the planet right now, and many negative things happening to it… but instead, she tries to focus on the positive… the life that is still thriving within our still-beautiful planet.

It was then that she set out to try and create a ‘living garden/rainforest’ idea in a dress. With her unashamed obsession with shows like Project Runway, she considered the ‘cosmo couture’ element of this challenge to be a bit like an “unconventional materials challenge’ and so the base mesh dress and gloves she chose were perfect, looking almost like re-purposed, re-structured plastic, and just enough of an oddity to make you tip your head and look twice.

The birds and butterflies flying free on the tails of the skirt train, as well as the flowers resting on the gown were meant to symbolize a bit of ‘home’, the Hawaiian Islands, where her father’s side of the family grew up. Hawaii, and its other islands, are a constant reminder to Tivi that no matter how ugly the world can seem in the metropolitan city-scapes wracked with pollution, there is still beauty somewhere, in the quiet serenity of a peaceful island.

Skin: Kaelyn 09 (09, Clean Version) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Spectral Eyes (Azure) – IKON
Hair: Gretchen (Reds) – Truth Hair
Mesh Gown (blue dress): Vortex Outfit (Blue) – sYs
Gloves: Vortex Outfit (Blue) – sYs
Skirt Train & Flower Pieces: Copacabana Dress – Desir
Eyeshadow: Daydream Eyeshadows – Blacklace Beauty
Eyeliner: Amante Smudge Eyeliner (Deep Sea) – Beautiful Deluxe
Lipstick: Fetish Fever (Lips Only) – Madrid Solo
Blush/Freckles/Moles: Dot B Freckle/Mole – Madrid Solo
Tattoo: SyKaDeliK Color Tattoo (Light) – Para Designs
Walk & Default Pose: IsoMotion
Poses: PosESioN


Vera Fenutzini “Vera”

coc cosmo couture_001
coc cosmo couture_001

Vera based her styling on the beauty that encompasses the basic home interior items, and decorations. Her head and neck-piece are designed using different cuts of mirror that once dawned the walls of a luxurious home. Her gown is compiled of a colorful variety of window coverings, draping her lightly colored legs. She has fashioned a beautiful flowing skirt out of leaves from a plant that was meant for an interior walkway. The soft blossoms add color to her her mirrored crown. She has decided to allow the butterflies to inspect this fabulous faux flower creation, delicately accented with a touch of color from her favorite make up artists in Second Life. Her amazing design was created using the designs from Alyce, Damned, Desir, Finesmith, Loovus Dzevavor, Madrid Solo, Mea Culpa, Mes Petites Coutures, Moondance, Nuuna, Gizza, and Vita’s Boudoir.

Alyce – Jewel Heels
Damned Green Spray
Desir- Sera Guam Gown
Desir Copacabana Gown
Finesmith Laetitia MVW Jewelry
Loovus Dzevavor Flutter Gown
Madrid Solo Vendetta Lips
Mea Culpa Broken Mirrors Gown
Mes Petites Coutures Rawr Tights Zebra
Moondance Papillion Rose
Nuuna Meta Makeup
Gizza Papillon Jewelry
Vita’s Boudoir Serious Eyeliner


Zionp “Zion”

COC Earth Hour Challenge

Earth Hour inspired my Cosmo Couture so I wanted my colors to be representative of the earth’s yellow sun, green grass and blue oceans , skirt made out of painted wood paneling and old newspapers my dress bodice made from Styrofoam packing my collar made from metal screws.

Hair : Loovus Dzevavor Chombo in Rouge 4
Outfit :
Top : Bodice from Zibska Amona Outfit (re-textured)
Skirt 1: Ricielli Kalli minidress in Newspaper
Skirt 2 : Skirt from Zibska Scappa! (re- textured )
Shoes : Maitreya Gold Salience in Midnight
Collar : Zibska Varushka Collar
Makeup :
Eyeliner Eastern Star Monstrous eyeliner in Black
Eyeshadow Violator A night of Mystery in Gold Black
Lipstick NO 7 Sporty Lipstick in Navy – Lime


Zoomy Bluebird “Zoomy”

COC Earth Hour Challenge

My lives, First and Second, has been quite an adventure so far, to say the least. They both bring the unexpected and are constant reminders that I, even at my age, don’t know everything. Earth Hour, is one. Until Colour of Couture presented this challenge to us, I had never heard of this worldwide event where millions switch off unessential lights for one hour raising awareness for the planet.

Merging both my lives, I’m styled with the things I will surround myself with during my first Earth Hour with me being the centerpiece — the one who brings and *keeps* everything together.

For 60 minutes or 3, 600 seconds, I, along with my family, will dim our lights in observance. In the timespan it takes for a heart to beat 4, 320 times and 15, 060 babies to be born, I will sit at my table by candlelight, sip my favorite wine, read my favorite magazines and play cards reminding my family exactly why it is they have dubbed me the “Empress of Gin Rummy.”

Thank you once again, Colour of Couture, for bringing something new to my lives.

* Gravois Gown (Marine) – Bliss Couture
* Meda Hair Attachments (3 tinted to match hairbase) Turquoise – Baiastice
* Carter 2 Teal Hairbase (Exclusive) – Unorthodox
* Hevea Headset (Summer Bright) – AnGGun
* Vlora Headwear (Green) – LODE
* Bugambilia Headwear (Red) – LODE
* Lovis Silver & Blue Opal Necklace/Ring – Vintage Jewels
* Miladys Slippers (Emerald – Slink addon) – Deviance
* Classical Round Table – Zoomy Bluebird
* COC Table Runner – Zoomy Bluebird
* Candle Stand 1 – On A Lark
* Wine & Glasses – Yoshimi Muromachi
* COC Magazine & Ebony Magazine (Full-Perm Mesh)- pIRA
* Playing Cards – Jumbo Core