Top Model Competition

2014 COC Finalist – ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat



  • Why have you entered Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition?
  • I wanted to be more active with the SL fashion community. I was looking for a challenge, something to bring aliveness and energy to my SL. Initially I auditioned to spend more time with my Fashionista friends and I’ve been glad to find friends in those I just met through the competition.
    Having recently joined a production group, it gave me the chance to do more than just model in store. I worked a large event that included some runway shows and it was so exciting I knew I wanted to do more. The timing was perfect, when I heard about Colour of Couture top model competition my friends and I immediately made it a goal to work towards.


  • What particular qualities, personality & style should Miss Colour of Couture posess?
  • Miss Colour of Couture needs to be accepting and encouraging of others who are ‘playing the fashion game’ here in SL. It is more than a game. Real livelihoods are made here. By fostering support and encouragement for this community Miss Colour of Couture can help promote and grow established and fledgeling businesses that enrich everyone’s SL with fabulous content. Supporting new models who are just learning the ropes will also continue this legacy, and Miss Colour of Couture can act as a role model as well as a fashion model.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about fashion in Second Life?

    What is your role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion?

  • I love that in SL I can wear heels! I can be fabulous in ways that I used to only imagination. I think everyone is looking to be fabulous in their own way. Fashion in SL is an amazing gateway to fun and positive interactions with others that makes me happy, and it enriches my RL. As a woman of colour in SL fashion I’m being myself and showing anyone that there is joy in being themselves and finding that happy place through experimentation and exploration of fashion. With the avatar as our canvas and all the content our palette, Fashion in SL is an art. One we can all create, no matter how that expression is realized, SL is a place to realize our dreams.


  • How will you promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition as a finalist?

    How will you promote the title of Miss CoC should you win?

  • I promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition by mentioning it to all my friends. Across the spectrum of worlds and communities within the larger SL grid there are many who don’t realize what a large and vibrant community the fashionistas are. People are always amazed when I tell them about the RL benefits and charities we support. Within the fashionista circles some have not heard of this competition and I encourage them to participate in the future and share my excitement about being part of this organization. Linking from my blog and my profile I’m getting the word out too. Should I win, it would give me an even more credible platform to continue to promote the competition and get more people involved.


  • What sort of impression would you like people to have of you if win the title?

    What impression would you like to leave with them if you do not win?

  • If i were to win the Colour of Couture top model competition, I’d want people to see that I am just like them. Someone who comes to SL to enjoy my time and that by challenging and pushing myself i was able to reach my goal. Working towards a goal in RL or SL takes time and commitment. So, if one of the other finalists earned the title, I’d want people to know how much I support the winner, knowing first hand how hard they worked for it. I’d want people to be impressed with the fact that I’m a team player and I support other fashionistas because honestly, I hope we all ‘make it’!


  • What do you envision your activity in SL to be a year from now?

    What goals and ambitions do you have?

  • I want to continue to work on the GizzA team, i love the GizzA family and my time assisting in store, meeting people from all over the world. I hope that in a year from now I may be involved more with other aspects of production. Already I’ve written runway scripts and hope to be more involved with the organizational aspects of productions, backstage and pre show whether its managing people or producing promotional images and writing copy. I plan to become a necessary cog in the fashion machine instead of one floating off to the side.


  • Briefly summarize your professional career as a model in SL?
  • From my first academy I was hooked. I teach, mentor, write scripts, blog, perform in runway shows, events, and I assist and model in store.


  • Do you have any additional comments you would wish to share?
  • Styling with a purpose is challenging and rewarding. I feel so very fortunate to have been chosen to participate as a finalist in the Colour of Couture Top Model Competition because it has exposed me to real life designers and trends and made me grow and improve. Thanks for the support and the butt-kicking, I needed both.



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