Top Model Competition

2014 COC Finalist – Flidais Etchegaray



  • Why have you entered Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition?
  • I have entered the CoC competition because in my opinion it is the most fair and highly respected competition in Second Life next to Miss Virtual World. It is not a “pageant”, it is a chance for models to prove themselves as styling artists and not just pretty faces. I love that CoC is a competition focusing on women of all different ethnicities, and that we all learn to shine a little bit brighter through the challenges and tutoring we receive as candidates.


  • What particular qualities, personality & style should Miss Colour of Couture posess?
  • Someone who earns the coveted title of Miss Colour of Couture must glow from within. They must have a truly good heart and soul who desires to help others and lead by example. They should have a strong confidence about them but NEVER a Diva complex. They must always remember to stay humble and grateful for their many blessings and opportunities. Style-wise, Miss CoC must be a stand out! They should be recognizable, unique, and have a way of letting their personality shine through their artistic stylings.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about fashion in Second Life?

    What is your role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion?

  • Second Life fashion is fashion with no limitations. While it should be inspired by RL trends, in Second Life we can take our ideas and run with them, letting our imaginations run wild and even defying gravity! It is truly an outlet for the creative spirit. I personally adore fashion in both worlds and love to lose myself in the latest issue of Vogue or my favorite SL fashion blogs.

    My role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion is to continue to break down any barriers that may still exist in people’s minds. As more and more women of color find success in the SL Fashion Industry, we see many models playing with ethnic looks for their avatars now more than ever. I feel this is a testament to the evolution of our industry and the great appreciation people have for diversity. We must always strive to uphold ourselves to the highest standards to remind everyone of the beauty in every skin tone, culture, and heritage.


  • How will you promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition as a finalist?

    How will you promote the title of Miss CoC should you win?

  • As a finalist of Miss CoC, I will continue to promote the competition on all of my social networks including my blog, Facebook, and Flickr. I hope that my numerous posts thus far in the competition have already sparked a lot of interest in CoC for all future candidates! Should I win the title of Miss CoC, I will strive to always keep the image and reputation of CoC at it’s most pristine, because I have great respect for the organization. I will speak highly of the competition with all new friends and acquaintances I make during Miss Virtual World, and will always be sure to give CoC credit whenever due, for taking the time to groom me for success. I would also become extremely active in charitable events in Second Life, so that everyone will associate the title of Miss CoC with a gracious and kind person who is more than just a pretty face.


  • What sort of impression would you like people to have of you if win the title?

    What impression would you like to leave with them if you do not win?

  • If I win the title of Miss CoC, I hope that people feel that I earned the title fairly, and was kind and helpful to my fellow contestants. Even if my styling efforts aren’t everyone’s personal taste, I hope that people would be able to appreciate my skills as a model and feel that I deserve the title of Miss CoC. If I do not win, I hope that my efforts will be appreciated and that I will be known for being the opposite of a “Diva”, competing in the spirit of sisterhood with my fellow contestants.


  • What do you envision your activity in SL to be a year from now?

    What goals and ambitions do you have?

  • I feel confident that my participation in CoC this year will open up opportunities for me in the Second Life fashion community. Through CoC I have gained exposure, networked with many new friends, and pushed my skills to the extreme with the tough love and support of the CoC organization. I plan to still be modeling in SL a year from now, but I hope to work at a much higher skill level as I am forever learning and pushing myself harder. A huge goal of mine, like so many other models, is to have the chance to participate in MVW. It’s something I just have to cross of my bucket list. I would like to get more involved in charity work in SL, especially to raise money for animal welfare organizations. I would also like to expand my skill set and learn how to organize events and get some more “backstage” experience.


  • Briefly summarize your professional career as a model in SL?
  • Certified from four academies, 2013 Glam Girls finalist, 2013 Face of Romance Couture Finalist (Top 8), Winner of Loovus Dzevavor Model Search 2014 (and brand ambassador), stylist with Style Kingdom & The Fashion Teller.


  • Do you have any additional comments you would wish to share?
  • Participating in the 2014 Colour of Couture Top Model Competition has been the proudest moment in my Second Life. I am humbled and honored to have been chosen as a candidate. Working at this high of a level has exposed me to my own faults and areas in which I have a long way to go. I will use every step on that runway and every bit of feedback and advice to continue to evolve into a top model that CoC can be proud of.



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