Top Model Competition

Lady Stromfield

COC Challenge - "Dream" Lady Stromfield


  • Why have you entered Colour of Couture – Top Model Competition?
  • have always held a great love for the various cultures of both worlds in which we all walk. Each is so significantly beautiful and unique with so many wonders to be explored. This competition signifies to me, a representation of exactly that, a celebration of the beauty of our world in all of it’s glorious forms and an opportunity to explore and represent each in turn. I think it is a fun and fantastic opportunity to stand up and show the world what it is that I see in each of these fantastic cultures.


  • What particular qualities, personality & style should Miss Colour of Couture posess?
  • I believe that Miss Colour Of Couture has to truly love her role and duties, first and foremost. Realistically, to carry this title and it’s duties for a year, this will be the first key to success for everyone within the organization. She must be a team player and have a realistic idea of exactly what that means, ready to listen to members of the organization with an open heart and mind to work towards common goals and represent the organization in the best possible manner. She should be a diva, in that her beauty should shine from within for all to see, her outward appearance should be a mere reflection of what they will find within her.

    She will be a role model for women of culture and colour and must be kind, compassionate, outgoing. She must not only be willing to be seen and to reach out to them, but unafraid to extend her hand in welcoming them to join her. She must lift them, in a sense. She must see beyond colour, beyond culture without ever losing her identity. She must represent them all, with great love for who and what they are.

    I suppose in many ways, I am describing somewhat of an angel but I believe this role really is one of great importance and the woman chosen must be and should be incredibly special in a multitude of ways. She will be the first in this title, she will set the bar in a manner of speaking and that cannot be taken lightly. Miss Colour Of Couture should do this naturally and effortlessly.


  • What are your thoughts and feelings about fashion in Second Life?

    What is your role as a Woman of Colour in SL Fashion?

  • Fashion in Second Life is absolutely incredible, the possibilities are limitless, endless and it’s simply a cornucopia of wonders! There is always yet another fantastic designer to find and fashion as a whole is truly about so much more than simply looking great.

    My role as a woman of colour in fashion within Second Life is the same as any other woman in this industry. I do not see my colour, I see beauty in each and every woman I stand beside, whether model or not. I think that in many ways, how we look will define what we see. If we see a difference, then there will be a difference. Most things in both worlds are self inflicted. My role is that of a model and designer.

    My role in fashion is one of representation. I represent the experience of those who have taught me, of the schools who will certify me, of the designers who have toiled lovingly over whatever I am wearing at the time. I represent that which I love, the flavours of a thousand nations;colours and histories locked into fabrics and patterns as they whisper stories to any who will look closely. I am in many ways, a canvas and I truly enjoy every moment of it.

    My style, my flavour, allows me to bring a secondary role of leadership and change to designs, ways of thinking and so much more. It is often the smallest things that count most.


  • How will you promote the Miss Colour of Couture competition as a finalist?

    How will you promote the title of Miss CoC should you win?

  • I will do my best to promote it in the best light possible and to listen to those within this organization on the very best ways to accomplish this. Of course, I will promote this competition on my blog, in my profile, in my flickr account and in many ways but I believe that this truly goes far beyond being merely about me or any of us and should I win, I will need to take into account how this organization can be best represented, how the members feel it could be best promoted and ensure I bring only the most positive of lights to shine upon it in a manner that will promote women of colour and all future competitions for this title. When the year is over, this title and organization will remain, I won’t forget that.


  • What sort of impression would you like people to have of you if win the title?

    What impression would you like to leave with them if you do not win?

  • Whether I should win or lose, I hope I might leave everyone with the impression that I came to have fun and that I truly did. I am amazed with each step forward and truly, will not be sad at all regardless of the outcome. This is an amazing opportunity and I’m very grateful for it. I’m surrounded by fantastic, beautiful women and I can only hope that everyone watching or involved might understand and take away from this that this is a less a competition to me than a rewarding adventure and journey of personal growth. Thank you, sincerely. I’m meeting great people and having a lovely time


  • What do you envision your activity in SL to be a year from now?

    What goals and ambitions do you have?

  • It is my hope that it will be just like today, full of wonder and limitless opportunity. I’m like a child in a candy store.

    I hope that I’ll be surrounded by just as many amazing people, continuing to design, to create and to model. I hope I’ll be continuing to work with amazing creative designers and that I’ll meet so many more. Second Life is full of inspiration and I feel blessed to be in it. I’d love to be a top model, but I truly do already feel like one and that is because of each and every person I have met and worked with thus far. Each day is a wonder to me and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


  • Briefly summarize your professional career as a model in SL?
  • I have really just started, I hope to graduate Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy next weekend, in April. I am a print model for House Of Rfyre.


  • Do you have any additional comments you would wish to share?
  • I would simply like to thank you for this opportunity and my teachers at MVW and everyone who has supported me or in some way, helped me with a word or wisdom. Please, keep it coming. I can’t wait until tommorrow!



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